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Addington’s bathroom design and installation company is fast making its presence felt in the region through its consistent quality and hard work. 

When it comes to bathroom design and installation in Northampton, we at Addington’s guarantee that any and all our services rendered are dependable and affordable.

  • Offer a written quote
  • Tell you only the exact cost, no approximations here
  • Factor in everything including plumbing, electric, labour, etc
  • We always keep you in the loop
  • We do not mind doing alterations and adjusting costs accordingly
  • Trained and friendly staff
  • Professional handling of all your projects
  • Inputs from our experienced bathroom designer
  • Timely service

With Addington’s on the job, everything from a leaky faucet to a dripping flush and a decaying shower wall can be done away, within no time, and replaced by the latest in bathroom fittings and installations that you have always wanted.

At Addington’s, we think of you and your budget every time we suggest something. It’s part of our job to come up with affordable and reliable bathrooms installation design fittings in Northampton so that you can take pleasure using your new and improved bathroom and we can take pleasure in a job well done!