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Bathroom gadgets you never knew existed!

There are many new gadgets for your bathroom released all the time, below are a few helpful or wacky favourites.

The Loogun

Ditch your toilet brush and get the Loogun, which cleans the whole bowl with a blast of water. A device so hygienic your toddler can play with it. Beautifully designed to suit any bathroom, the Loogun is a hand-held motorised device that sprays a powerful jet into the toilet to clean stubborn marks off submerged surfaces with ease. It never touches the toilet so the device stays beautifully hygienic and enjoyable to use!


WC Night Light

You can now purchase a motion-activated night light. Using the Bathroom at night is serious business. No one enjoys stumbling around in the dark or turning on bright lights and waking themselves up in the middle of the night!


Gold fish bowl sink, anyone?

Ever wanted the necessity of hand washing with the calm tranquillity of fish in a bowl? No me either but some people do, and for just over £3,500 you can have just that!


tub-side bubbly?

Who doesnt need a wine/champagne chiller for the bath? Where would you be without this much required device?


Freshly warmed towels every time

I think we have all been in that situation where you come out the bath or shower and would love a nice warm towel to wrap around ourselves. Now you can and its a little luxury you can appreciate over and over.


Photoluminescent tiles – huh?

Photoluminescence is the distinctive physical properties of rare inorganic illuminates in nature, able to “catch” and keep the sunlight or artificial light and then return it in the dark for up to eight hours with decreasing intensity. Lucedentro have managed to harness this to produce ‘glowing’ tiles!

glowing-tiles-1 glowing-tiles-2