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Bathroom Design for Germaphobes?

Many of us fear and avoid public bathrooms due to the germ factor. From the bacteria lurking on door handles to dirty basins to the toilet seat itself, a public bathroom visit can be quite the hygienic challenge.

touchless bathroomInitial Washroom Hygiene recently reported that only 60 per cent of women and 38 per cent of men wash their hands after going to the toilet. The findings were derived from 100,000 people surveyed across Europe on their hand-washing habits. Now many public bathrooms are working to combat bacteria by designing open plan washrooms where the only door that requires touching is the toilet stall door itself. Jet air hand dryers and automated soap dispensers have promised fewer germs. Going touch-free is a good idea since 80 per cent of infections are spread through hand contact. Can we now move this into our own bathrooms at home? With the use of sensors it is certainly possible, sensor activating taps, and flushes mean we can create this hygiene friendly bathroom that may look luxurious but also extremely logical. With a feature that requires a sensor it also means saving money on water bills as taps have no risk of being left on.


If this has inspired you and you would like a commercial or domestic germaphobe proof bathroom then contact us for a quotation. We would be happy to help!