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A better bathroom in 5 easy steps

The humble bathroom provides a wealth of opportunity for upgrades which can lift it above its utilitarian vocation. With a bit of thought and some forward planning, you could improve its appearance, functionality and overall ambience in ways you never thought possible.

Addingtons’ bathroom design team can provide the inspiration, based on their 14 years of experience of installing and building high quality bathrooms in the Northamptonshire area.

Here are a few ideas to start you off;

Wet, wet, wet

  • Replacing your shower with a wet-room is a fantastic way to make every day start on the right foot. Addington’s will help you choose the right installation and fit it to the highest standard, adding short term benefits with longer term added value for your house.

Chrome zone

  • Old, faded bathroom furniture can make the room appear drab and dated. Upgrading simple fittings with modern, chrome ones can lift the entire room and offers a quick and easy improvement.


  • Carpets in bathrooms – just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Addington’s can advise on more contemporary, attractive and hygienic ways to floor your bathroom.


  • Replacing bathroom tiles is a relatively inexpensive, if time consuming, way of instigating a noticeable change in the room’s appearance. Neutral colours allow for future changes to any painted areas of the room, but be aware of patterns, which can quickly become dated and old-fashioned.


  • An oversized mirror can make the room feel bigger, but must be chosen in accordance with the feel of the room overall. Too big and it will dominate; too small and it becomes hard to use.

Hopefully these tips will spark some ideas about how you could improve your bathroom. Addington’s, based in Northampton, can advise you on the best bathroom for your needs, before designing and installing it to the highest standards.